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TRAVIS JAUDON: New NCAA four-game threshold is game of 'redshirt roulette'

Welcome, college coaches, to your newest conundrum on Saturdays this fall. “I don’t know if people  ... understand how different (the redshirt rule) is,” Oklahoma coach Lincoln Riley said. “How much the game is going to be different, the strategy behind it.” While coaches like Minnesota’s P.J. Fleck see the rule as “brilliant” and even go far as to claim the change, as Fleck did, as the “greatest rule change the NCAA has put in in the last 20 years,” other coaches see what I’m beginning to realize. The game of college football has been completely altered.

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Traditional roulette, dice games now available

[PHOTOS BY STEPHEN PINGRY, TULSA WORLD] After Oklahoma lawmakers approved traditional ball and dice games this year, casinos are now able to open those tables up to customers. The law expands gaming rules to allow roulette and craps. Many casinos already had these kinds of games, but the outcomes were based on the use of playing cards rather than what someone might find in a Las Vegas casino. In all, the state signed agreements with 13 tribes. The U.S. Department of Interior gave final approval to the compacts last week. The Cherokee Nation celebrated Monday by holding a ceremonial roll of the dice at its Hard Rock Casino in Tulsa. "We never really had a clear idea of what the implementation date was going to be until the week of," said Mickey Ward, senior director of corporate gaming for the Cherokee Nation. "So we put a lot of teasers out there to the public that this was coming, getting them excited." Both tribes and lawmakers said that expanding the use of traditional games would keep more gambling money in Oklahoma, rather than having it leave the state for other casino havens like the Gulf Coast and Kansas City. "The biggest thing is that it now allows us to offer the products that they're used to seeing in the traditional commercial gaming market.

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